Demand the Resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson

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The Mayor of St. Louis, Lyda Krewson has been a risk for the safety and well being of the general St. Louis population.  Not only has Mayor Krewson failed to address the inhumane conditions of the Workhouse (Medium Security Institution), she has also deceived the public in regards to her role in closing the workhouse.  On June 26th Lyda directly endangered the lives of protesters by releasing their names and addresses. Amidst community backlash of St. Louis police brutality, Mayor Lyda Krewson consistently campaigns on more funding for the police paid through by tax payers. Her poor treatment of the unhoused individuals living in public parks, arresting them and destroying their belonging under her instructions was cruel and endangers the unhoused instead of helping them.  She is an abysmal leader and complacent in a white supremacist agenda thus holding St. Louis back from progress.  To alleviate community relations we demand that Mayor Krewson resign from office and a special election be held to replace her.  She is unfit for office and St. Louis needs real leadership now!