Justice for Isiah Wagoner!

Justice for Isiah Wagoner!

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On Sunday June 28th one of the leaders of Black Unity, Isiah Wagoner, was intentionally struck by a vehicle driven by Travis Walters (Aka Travis Waleri) during a children’s march for Black Lives Matter. This despicable crime was committed in front of several witnesses including children and his own child.

It is a felony to commit violence in the presence of a child. Travis Walters (Waleri) slowed to almost a complete stop and then intentionally accelerated his vehicle, driving it into Isiah. Isiah is currently at Riverbend Hospital due to injuries suffered during this horrible act of hate and violence. To intentionally drive your vehicle into a person, knowing they could potentially be killed, is at the very least a charge of Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter. EPD is doing nothing because of lack of video evidence (which unfortunately is unavailable because during this one march, which was expected to be the most peaceful of them all as CHILDREN were the main attendees, guards were let down just a little and therefore no live-feed was recorded).

The DA has responded saying she cannot do anything until charges are filed but EPD won’t file charges because of lack of evidence despite the several eye-witnesses who were in attendance. So, here we are, stuck and angry and at a loss of what to do. This petition hopes to show that we, as a community, stand behind Isiah and will do everything it takes to see justice. 

We are beyond disappointed in the justice system, as Travis was not arrested. He did not spend a single night in jail. We demand that he be arrested and held accountable for his crimes. He needs to be charged with a minimum of Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter.