Denounce the City of Chicago's Treatment of Protesters

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To Mayor Lori Lightfoot,

We are outraged and disturbed by the City of Chicago’s response to the protesters over this weekend. We are outraged to see the city’s attempts to change the narrative of the protests and curtail the protesters’ first amendment rights.

The city escalated an originally peaceful protest by their unfair crowd control tactics. The CTA, train lines, and Lake Shore Drive shut down without warning, harming both protesters and working class people. The curfew was implemented far too late into the evening, not allowing protesters enough time to leave, essentially trapping them with the police. The police without warning then used batons and tear gas against peaceful protesters.

We completely denounce the city’s escalation against peaceful protesters. We denounce the Governor calling in the national guard to aid Chicago Police in their militarization of these protests.

We are calling on Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Priztker to protect the peaceful protesters’ first amendment rights. We are calling on them to 1) stop using teargas and violent crowd control tactics, 2) make concessions on the ongoing police brutality of the CPD, and 3) prosecute police officers who assaulted protesters over the weekend.

Thank you.