Demand for a humane and public health based approach to homelessness in San Francisco

Demand for a humane and public health based approach to homelessness in San Francisco

June 30, 2020
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Why this petition matters

We, the undersigned, are concerned and disappointed with the City’s treatment of San Francisco’s people experiencing homelessness (“PEH”). Accordingly, we sign onto Cole Valley Haight Allies (CVHA)’s July 2, 2020 letter, which can be accessed here:

By signing onto this letter, we demand:

  1. Amend the Hastings et al. v. CCSF settlement and work with Hospitality House, Coalition on Homelessness, and Faithful Fools to determine a more humane, public health-based approach. 
  2. Place every PEH in San Francisco who wants one in a hotel room or other individual housing unit by July 31, 2020, starting with neighborhoods with the most PEH. Provide weekly reports about the placement process.
  3. Remove the Healthy Streets Operation Center from the hotel room placement process and return the responsibility to the Department of Public Health. 
  4. Provide safe sleeping sites for PEH not placed in hotels until more permanent and healthy housing accommodations can be identified. 
  5. Until alternative housing is secured, work in collaboration with each neighborhood’s PEH and advocacy groups to safely manage tents, which includes regular distribution of garbage bags, brooms, regular trash pick up, access to water, bathrooms, hygiene and hand washing, slowing of streets, clear walkways/pathways of 36 inches, keep curb cut-outs and doorways clear of obstruction, and distribution of masks and hand sanitizer.
  6. Consult with each neighborhood’s Supervisor, advocacy groups, and PEH regarding the hotel room placement process and the opening of safe sleeping sites. For District 5, consult Homeless Youth Alliance and Larkin Street Youth Services. 
  7. Ensure that PEH with disabilities are not excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of the City’s services, programs, or activities or subjected to discrimination related to hotel placement, safe sleeping sites, and tent management.
  8. Create more public open space through shared streets and/or parking and lane removal as an alternative solution to our crowded sidewalks.
  9. Cease and desist the use of police to displace PEH and the presence of police during hotel placement. 
  10. Comply with CDC guidelines regarding the treatment of PEH during the COVID-19 pandemic, including halting the confiscation of tents and the clearing of encampments.
  11. Cease and desist from confiscating or damaging PEH’s personal property and reimburse PEH for any confiscated or damaged personal property. 
  12. Accept the initiative to test PEH for COVID-19 from Color, the Coalition on Homelessness, and the Do No Harm Coalition.

Questions? Please direct all inquiries to CVHA at For more information about CVHA, please visit our website at

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Signatures: 1,464Next Goal: 1,500
Support now