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Mayor London Breed and San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Why this petition matters

Started by Edward Bevilacqua

-The Lower Nob Hill Community has done more in the past two years to house and serve San Francisco’s homeless population than almost any other neighborhood in the city.
            Within a six-block radius in Lower Nob Hill, the Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing (DHSH) now operates or has proposed ten facilities that will house the city’s homeless population.
-DHSH now proposes converting an active youth hostel at 711 Post Street into a huge 250-bed experimental shelter.
            - The proposed shelter will provide only short-term housing and have no restrictions on guests’ drug use, criminality, or mental status.  No treatment or expulsion rules will exist.
-We already are afraid to walk our streets and the proposed new shelter will make things much worse.
            -With the addition of 250 more residents, we will have over 1200 unhoused “sheltered” within the Lower Nob Hill Community. The concentration of existing homeless shelters added in the last year in Lower Nob Hill has already dramatically and negatively impacted the Lower Nob Hill Community’s safety, physical condition, and overall quality of life. The addition of yet another huge new homeless shelter concentrated in such a small geographic area will compound these problems and is not equitable.
-The proposed new shelter is the wrong kind of shelter.
            The proposed new shelter would not offer permanent or supportive housing. Rather, it would offer short-term housing to some of San Francisco’s most chronic homeless residents—many of whom struggle with serious drug addiction and severe mental illness—in a “no rules” setting. DHSH has confirmed they do not plan to exclude from the proposed shelter persons who use illegal drugs in the shelter or persons convicted of violent felonies, sexual assault or even child molestation. They plan to have only 12-hour monitoring for a 24-hour operation and will monitor only the 700 block of Post Street. This type of shelter would threaten the continued viability of Lower Nob Hill as an important pedestrian gateway to Union Square and the theater district and as a working class and middle class community where residents, merchants, workers, students, and patrons feel safe.
-We demand Mayor Breed, the Board of Supervisors, and the Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing withdraw the proposal for 711 Post Street and urge the owner to continue to operate the facility as a youth hostel!

2,542 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!