Pumba the mini pig stays in Delta

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A municipal bylaw's definitions have deemed our pot belly pig (mini pig) "Pumba" to be livestock, and ineligible to be considered a "Household Pet". 

Household Pets: Means animals or birds customarily domesticated in the Province of British Columbia and shall not include more than two dogs over four months old, nor more than four pigeons or game birds per dwelling unit, nor any horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs or poultry.

Delta defines a domestic animal as:

“domestic animal” means a domestic animal as defined in the Community Charter, but for the purposes of this Bylaw does not include wildlife, livestock or poultry;

The BC Community Charter defines it as:

"domestic animal" means an animal that is tame or kept, or that has been or is being sufficiently tamed or kept, to serve some purpose for people;

"Pumba" is tame.  He is also continuing his training at home learning common tricks like "sit", and "spin".  He brings joy, love, and happiness to our family.

Delta has also defined "livestock":

"livestock" includes cows, horses, mules, swine, sheep, goats, llama, alpaca and ostriches; and any other animal that is raised or housed in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fibre, or labour; but does not include poultry or any domestic animal;

We are not raising "Pumba" as livestock.  He lives with us as a member of our family.

Because of this ambiguous definition of "pig" and "swine" our family will be forced to:

  • Re-home "Pumba" removing him from the only environment and people he has grown up with;
  • Surrender "Pumba" to the city of Delta to be re-homed or destroyed;
  • Move our family outside of our home and community and into a different city/municipality;

Pumba is a member of our family and neighborhood.  Losing Pumba would have great emotional, physical, and mental impact within our family as well as with the neighborhood where friends, neighbors, and random strangers enjoy seeing and interacting with such a unique, gentle, and intelligent animal.

An exception for Pumba must be made, or language needs to be added to the current bylaws allowing for mini pigs, micro mini pigs, and pot belly pigs from reputable breeders to be considered as "Household Pets" and "domestic animals".  With the ability to be registered (similar to their canine friends) so in the unlikely event a piggy goes for a walk all alone, that piggy can go home. Proceeds could go to help the animal shelter in Delta.

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