Suspension of Victoria Councillor Ben Isitt for actions contrary to the Community Charter

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It is time to put a stop to Ben Isitt

Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt has interfered with the Community Charter of British Columbia which clearly states that the Mayor must: Provide leadership to council including by recommending bylaws, resolutions and other measures that may assist in the peace, order and good governance of the municipality. I would like to ask for a suspension and investigation in to the actions of Ben Isitt and the effects his actions have on the City of Victoria, businesses, jobs and safety of the residents of Victoria and first responders.

Mr. Ben Isitt as a City Councillor must in affect fulfill the very same obligations as Mayor towards the rules of peace, order and good governance of the municipality or Mayor Lisa Helps is not acting in her role as Mayor to allow the behaviour of Mr. Isitt.

The most recent action by Mr. Ben Isitt was to attend an unlawful assembly with Councillor Shamarke Dubow at the Victoria BC Legislature in which government staff  were injured. Mr. Isitt continuously puts forward motions at Victoria City Council that  interfer with the peace and good governance of the City of Victoria.

Mr. Isitt has also drawn and helped pass a motions over the Cruise ship industry and The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority of which the City of Victoria does not have the jurisdiction. Mr.Isitt knows that tourism is a major part of Greater Victoria and the CRD and his actions and comments jeopardize the jobs of thousands of Islanders.

I ask that you sign this petition for the Greater good of the City of Victoria and the 12 other municipalities of the region and its residents.