Require face coverings in spaces of public accommodation in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Require face coverings in spaces of public accommodation in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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Wearing a mask is essential to slowing the spread of COVID-19. The Chief Operating Officer at Washington Regional Hospital, an Epidemiologist at the Arkansas Department of Health and most every other health official and doctor on the planet are telling us that.  Last weekend, Washington County saw over 400 new cases of COVID-19.  Related hospitalizations are increasing daily, and UAMS projects “that new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas could reach around 1,350 per day by Sept. 27, with around 3,100 hospitalizations by October.”  UAMS was clear: this requires immediate action.  But every day, we hear from people making essential trips that many people still aren’t taking the simple step of wearing a mask.

Fayetteville’s Mayor, members of the City Council, State Representatives and State Senators are all recommending that people wear face coverings when they leave home and are around other people. But Governor Asa Hutchinson has failed to lead.  He has repeatedly dismissed Federal Guidelines as being “one size fits all”, but now he expects Fayetteville to follow the same guidelines as Flippin. 

In fact, the governor’s emergency order prohibits cities from enacting their own public health regulations in response to local outbreaks.  It is clear that the Governor favors companies more than people.  This is more of the same as far the disregard for local control we’ve seen throughout his tenure.

We are calling on Fayetteville City Council to take a stand for public health, to move beyond personal pleas, and to require the wearing of face coverings when in areas of public accommodation. It is possible that the Governor, Legislature, or some other state office may again try to stop Fayetteville from protecting our people, but as Council Member Kyle Smith has said in relation to State control “Failure to act out of fear that the state might preempt us has exactly the same result. Let’s not do their job for them. Fayetteville should stand for what's right and make them do the hard work.”

Governor Hutchinson said he believed it wearing a mask was “Just not Arkansas”. Working as a community to address a health crisis is very much Arkansas, and it is absolutely Fayetteville. Please join us supporting a face covering ordinance and PLEASE take precautions to protect yourself and others:

Wear a mask.
Keep your distance.
Wash your hands.
Call your Council Member.

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