Lincoln City, Oregon restaurant Lil' Sambo"s removes name as racist stereotype.

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The coastal town of Lincoln City, Oregon is home to a restaurant with the racist name of Lil' Sambos. During this pivotal time of progression toward racial equality we demand that said restaurant change its name.

African american people have lived through many injustices in america and it is now the time to step forward and seek justice for our brothers and sisters. We witness these injustices every day. We see it on our televisions, our computers, and we read about it in  books.  We are the ultimate witness to this discrimination and we have a voice.

Our voices can be clear and concise and free us from the pain and despair of generations of enslavement  . We can step forward and fight to heal all the open wounds left from this long oppression . We cannot let this inequality continue. We are responsible for so much hate and ignorance. We look away every time we see a wrong that we deep down do not understand.

As a white woman i cannot ever put myself in a black persons shoes but i know that seeing racist names like Lil' Sambo evoke anger and disgust in me so how can it not in you??