Lift the ban on all Pitbulls in Winnipeg and enforce punishment on bad pet owners!

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No dog is born with the urge to hurt anyone. Violence is taught, or used in self defence. This rings true not just the case of dogs but humans as well, but we don't euthanize humans for getting in fights. 

As babies all puppies want is love like any other baby. If given this love they WILL grow up to be loving pets. This doesn't just apply to pitbulls but all other dog breeds as well. 

Banning dog breeds isn't going to make them disappear, but insure that we can't regulate who owns them. After all it's the owner who is responsible for a dogs violence not the dog.

If all you were taught from birth was only violence and bed behaviour, who would you have grown up to be? What kind of a life would you have had? And would you actions be considered dangerous enough to be killed!

In the Canadian justice system we do our very best to rehabilitate and educate offenders, so they can rejoin society and become functional members of the community. This should apply to animals as well.

We already have systems in place to deal with problem animals that have bitten people or other animals. Why go the step further to harm ones that haven't done anything to anyone.

Pitbulls shouldn't be treated differently then any other dog just because that look a certain way. Though they cannot understand such things dog feel the stigma of racism sometimes more so then people.

Would you condem a man to death because of the colour of his skin. Don't punish Pitbulls for crimes they didn't not commit and have no control over.

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