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Mayor Leon Garcia & Councilmembers: Justice and Hate Crime Protection for Filipinos in American Canyon!

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In early January, Filipino Americans in American Canyon, CA became victims of a deliberate and malicious hate crime.

California residents received a printed, clearly fraudulent letter claiming to be from the California Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. It is addressed specifically to an American Canyon resident, accusing her of allegedly practicing salon services under a revoked license. The letter then diverges from pretentious legal jargon to make hateful and damaging statements about the Filipino population in American Canyon, referring to members of the community as “filthy” "unwanted" “scum.” It goes on to explicitly target the recipient's daughters and mixed-race grandchildren, and is signed “Concerned American Canyon Neighbors.” Reports have been made of other such incidents occurring across Napa County. For more information, read here.

Let it be known that a crime has been committed here. This blatant act of bigotry and discrimination is a deliberate attack on the Filipino population in American Canyon, and we as a community cannot allow this to go unpunished. We will not stand idly by while our communities continue to be marginalized and our rights violated. The fraudulent letter, made to look like an official government document, was clearly intended to invoke fear. No one has the right to make anyone feel unsafe in his or her own home and neighborhood, regardless of race. We as a nation need to fight against the institutionalized, internalized racism and discrimination that continue to exist in this country, and demanding justice for blatantly targeted actions such as this is the first necessary step towards eliminating inequality. We encourage Filipino American organizations to work together, locally and nationally, to help bring justice to this issue.

Those who sign this petition agree that:
i. We take a stand against any form of racial violence
ii. We stand in solidarity with the Filipino community in Napa County
iii. We demand that local authorities and government officials ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions, and that justice be served accordingly


Below is the full letter in question, transcribed by the bloggers from

California Department of Consumer Affairs
Board of Barbering & Cosmetology

Maria [removed] aka Maria [removed]
Cosmetolgist-License #[removed] 
[address removed] 
American Canyon, CA 94503
DOB [removed]

Subj: Haircutting/Styling Practices Under Revoked License

According to the State of California Licensing & the concerned neighborhood residence in close proximity to your dwelling find the above referenced license currently holds a status which carry restrictions from a disciplinary action brought against you as noted below:
License issued on 1 February 1991
Expiry 28 February 2013
Accusation filed on 22 November 2010.
Revocation effective date 4 January 2012

Note: Nguyen, Minh T.N. also covered under Lic #234099 at the time of the date accusation.

Be advised that under California statues "Any person providing certain services for a fee is required to be licensed by the California Board of Barbering & Cosmetology".
Those services include (but are not limited to) hair cutting, hair dressing and styling, nail care, skin care, removal of superfluous hair, permanent removal of unwanted hair and the application of makeup.

Be advised from concerned local citizens that you may not be within jurisdiction to perform noted services includes in the statutes cited above. This would include the maintenance & care of known male/female/male child relations in current residence at [address removed] since early 2010.

Ms. Brandes, be advised that you are potentially in breach of current State of California rules/regulations and subject to fines.

In addition, the American Canyon Filipino community as filthy as it is. [Illegible] unwanted as it is...... doesn't need to bring additional unwarranted/unlicensed practices which assists in bringing down the already downward spiraling property values in our area.

We are attempting to have our community a law abiding one, without having yet another gang of Filipino scum such as yourself and married daughters who have attempted to assimilate into this once clean non-Filipino dominated area in American Canyon (Napa Junction) which includes those of your female offspring who have aligned themselves with CAUCASION husbands to assist in ensuring their half-breed children have "straight noses" in order to be accepted in non-Filipino society.

Yours Truly,
Concerned American Canyon Neighbors

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