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Teens Kick & Throw Live Rabbit Against Walls


Full Investigation/Charges Requested.
According to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office,
three teen girls are charged with animal cruelty after posting a Snapchat video that shows them laughing and giggling while chasing, kicking and throwing a live bunny around the room slamming it against walls repeatedly.   
See the Video Here that shows the bunny being held by the throat and thrown across the room, hear the girls laughing as the bunny bangs off walls while each of them take a turn throwing the bunny.
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This petition will be delivered to:
  • Mayor Lenny Curry
  • Sheriff William Leeper
  • Commissioner Pat Edwards
  • Animal Care and Control Center
  • Code Enforcement
  • State Attorney Angela B. Corey
  • Jacquelyn Green
  • Attorney Ian Dankelman
  • Officer Patterson
  • Commissioner Daniel B. Leeper

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