Stop tearing down urban core buildings in Jacksonville!

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Downtown Jacksonville and immediate surrounding areas are in the midst of a crisis.  The city approves demolition of buildings at an alarming rate, most with no clear vision of future development.  Instead of taking a page out of other cities successful adaptive use playbook, we continue to erase our history and possibilities one by one. 

The current outrage is the Jacksonville Landing.  While iconic in its time, most don’t disagree something needs to be done. The plan on the table is to turn the city’s most valuable piece of waterfront property into a park.  Downtown does not need another park. Those that live in the urban core can tell you the daily struggle with homeless camps and tent cities, and the city and powers that be seem content in turning a blind eye to the issue.  This “park”, if not properly developed will be one more case of a reason residents do not want to visit downtown. This is not a “win” for Jacksonville, downtown, and certainly not it’s tax payers. 

The purpose of this petition is to request the city council to deny demolition of the Jacksonville Landing until a clear, suitable vision is achieved, and to be transparent in the measures taken to do so.  Downtown Jax is a powder keg of possibility, and the city needs to step outside of its “tear it down” mindset in order to progress the way others have successfully.