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SAVE SHERWOODS- REPAIR FIELDS AT WAIMĀNALO BEACH PARK AND GYM FIRST! The county started Phase I of the construction of a new park with playing fields, 22 camping sites, 4 large group camping areas, fitness station, walking trails restrooms, expanding to 400+ parking stalls in our Sherwood Forest. (See Report Here)

To build such a massive project, our forest must be destroyed. Help us stop the further desecration of our 'āina, our home. It will not only cause MORE traffic in our community, but we would have forever lost one of the few treasured places we have left.  The Waimānalo Beach Park and the Waimānalo Gym should be fixed first.

A community meeting was held this evening lead by Kalani Kalima and Kukana Kama-Toth with over 100 present and more on Facebook, followed by a Q &A with Council member Ikaika Anderson. Here are some of our community concerns: 

TRAFFIC- If we think its bad now, how much worse will it get?  It will force us to widen our roads and create stop lights. 

ENVIRONMENTAL: Our forest will be gone forever. What will happen to our seabirds? What will happen to our pristine 'āina? There will be an increase in trash, littering and consumption of our beach. 

LACK OF TRUE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:  A 15 member committee in 2012 doesn't represent our entire community. Much has changed in our home, we need our concerns to be heard today. 

FIX WHAT WE HAVE: We have two beautiful parks with fields and a gym- Waimānalo Park and Waimānalo Gym. They need to be repaired so that our community can enjoy them, we donʻt need a new one. 

We need your kōkua to save our Sherwoods forest, to KEEP WAIMĀNALO... WAIMĀNALO.  As one community member put it "No more concrete in Waimānalo, KEEP THE MANA!"