To improve the Infrastructure of West Marvin Ave. Without Narrowing the Roadway

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The largest concerns are updating the water lines, sewer, storm sewer, road surface, curbs, sidewalks and lighting while maintaining the avenue’s historic character and functionality of the roadway.  The roadway does not need to be narrowed.

The city considers West Marvin to be a “secondary thoroughfare,” one of the few east-west thoroughfares in the city.

The proposed phase two would narrow the roadway to twenty four feet.  This is the same width as Cynisca and Virginia.  A major problem not addressed directly is the tractor-trailer rigs which use West Marvin as a passageway.  These rigs on a twelve foot roadway will be intimidating and dangerous.  Narrowing lanes will cause traffic backups that create child safety issues near the church, school, ballpark, and homes.

Turn lanes will be lost according to the proposed plan.   Turn lanes are needed due to the church, school, cross streets, train track, Optimist Fields, and residential driveways.

The new sidewalks will accommodate all pedestrian traffic safely.  A conventional painted bike lane could connect with similar lanes throughout the city, or one of the sidewalks could be widened to handle bike and sidewalk traffic. 

Much of the parking along the street will be lost for residents.  Visitors would have to park on side streets which is unnecessary and inconvenient. 

The bulbouts designed to narrow the street would be maintained by the city; this would be an ongoing and unnecessary expense to the city.  The proposal shows the bulbouts filled with stones or the ugly pavers as used on Hwy 77 North.  This addition of southwestern style planters is not appropriate for the historic style of the neighborhood.

It has been said that the road should be narrowed to address a speeding problem on West Marvin; however, the police have seldom pulled speeders over.  No radar study has been conducted.   Occasional monitoring by police could modify speeding behavior, would be more cost effective than the proposal, and would be an added safety benefit.

The city has sought to make Waxahachie a destination for visitors, and a large source of revenue comes from tourism and special events such as Bethlehem Revisited, Bob Phillips and home tours.  Visitors spend money in local restaurants and hotels.  They come to Waxahachie for the historic charm, and it is important that the city maintain this great asset. 

Sign this petition to keep West Marvin a broad thoroughfare.

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