Save Famosa Open Space

Save Famosa Open Space

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Katie Bndxn started this petition to San Diego mayor Mayor Kevin Faulconer and

On Monday March 19, 2018 about 7:45am the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) hired a landscape company to destroy the children’s bike trails at Famosa Pump Track (Famosa & Nimitz Blvd) in San Diego, CA. A few furious & frustrated parents were lucky to see them begin & held their ground until the demo crew left. A small victory!  As of now, SDHC and officials have agreed to meet in closed doors in April to talk to the Bike community. Yet residents & homeowners have concerns & since we are not on the invite list to that closed meeting, we can only speak via this petition. 

First, We would like to remind the SDHC & City of the City’s own easements and how/why they exist. How was such an odd slice even sold?

FACT: The land there is/was set aside to provide fire access to the properties above the site.  It has not been developed because between existing property lines, fire easements & utility easements it is not feasible. How it could even have been sold to a private entity is curious...{Important Note: SDHC is proud NOT to be HUD nor a government entity-per their own website}.

FACT: Officials are stating “liability”. First, We remind them of the right of residents under the Recreational Use laws. Second, if a liability was a true concern this past 20+ years, then why have they not done the following to mitigate it:
a) remove the encampments
b) clean the trash they drove past on the hillside &
c) most obvious — secured their property.

But for that pesky easement....

TRUTH: BUT FOR OUR PRESENCE & use of the space to hike, explore nature, walk dogs & ride bikes, short cut to slurpees or to get to school, the City & SDHC would be dealing with a massive homeless encampment in that area daily. 

In addition, we are furious that SDHC would infringe on others’ property rights to bring in equipment to demolish something that was not even in their parcel. THEIR priority was & is to destroy the pump track!! Their landscape company confirmed there were two work orders & that this one was to be given priority!!! Infuriating!!!

Historically, this recreational, & now urban, open space has existed since 1970s in some form or more. This is meant to be open space for children! — legally by Grantees wishes!!! In 1909. 

Kids + Dirt = childhood

It’s time for our Mayor to act & right this wrong!!  #strongmayor 

Story covered on 10news, KUSI etc & you can follow along with OB Rag reporting!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!