We want the Atlanta Beltline shut down until the COVID19 pandemic is over.

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Many using the Atlanta Beltline do not adhere to public safety “social distancing” measures. Those who implement social distancing on the Beltline are imposed on by those who ignore safety measures. There are thousands of streets in this city to go running. Follow Chicago’s example and encourage people to create unique exercise routes that do not include designated paths or recreation areas. Neighborhood streets, open fields, and sidewalks are places where exercise can be done with many avenues for citizens to keep their safe 6-8ft distance while moving past one another. It only takes one misstep to cause an interaction that could spread illness. The Beltline is attributing to more danger than good at this current time. When citizens will not do what it takes to make the city safe, it is up to the government. Please be there for the safety of the community and shut down the Beltline.