Petition Closed

The First Responders of Atlanta have gone years without a sizable raise. A raise that was promised to them many years ago. They work over 40 hours a week, keeping our streets and city safe, and they take pride in the job they have been hired to do. While cops or firefighters are expected to Sacrifice their Lives for others, Hold themselves to a higher standard of moral and ethical behavior, and work endless hours (sometimes cancelled off days or 12 hour shifts) they also always get the lowest priority when it comes to compensation. The Atlanta City Council has passed the vote to give themselves (the council) a 50% raise However, city council only works Part Time. They get paid $40,000 for a part time job. With this latest vote they will be making up to $60,000. Our men and women are lucky if they make upwards of $35,000. This petition was started to let the Honorable Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed ,know that we are challenging him to veto this. There is a possibility that his veto can be overridden by the council itself. In that event, we want our council members to know that by the next voting term they will find large challenges in their reelection. The main objective of this petition is to say :
First Responders deserve raises First (This means a real raise and not one where you give them 1% and then spike up their benefit contributions). To say as a city and a community, we stand beside and speak up for our First Responders who have no voice in this. We as a people are demanding Financial Compensation for our Sworn Guardians.

Letter to
City Council and Mayors Office Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta City Council
Justin Tanner
and 27 others
Carla Smith
Kwanza Hall
Alex Wan
Ivory Lee Young
Howard Shook
Yolanda Adrean
Felicia Moore
H. Lamar Willis
Cleta Winslow
Ceasar Mitchell
MMegan Middleton
John Zimmerman
Ct Martin
Nat Archibong
Keisha Bottoms
Michael Bond
Communications for Mayors Office
Sonji Jacobs
Melissa Mullinax
Anne Torres
Reece McCraine
Michael Carswell
Tkeban Jahannes
Emily Love
Matt Mallament
Joyce Sheperd
Veto city councils 50% pay raise and increase our First Responders pay.