Make San Bernardino City shelter great again!

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This petition seeks to remove interim San Bernardino City Animal Shelter manager, Lt. Frank Macomber from the shelter. SBC is “the little shelter that could”. Volunteers, rescues, networkers, and donors have come to turn this shelter around from its past 88% euthanasia rate, down to 11%. Macomber, as manager for the last 2 months, has made SBC go back to the dark ages. The euthanasia rate during this time period has doubled. He needs to go! Please, sign this petition to help the animals at SBC. These are the following changes that he has implemented.

  • euthanizing animals for treatable conditions such as kennel cough
  • erected chain-link privacy fence with slats, that obstruct the view of most of the kennels, that visitors and rescues can't see the dogs who need to be seen in order to be adopted, rescued or located by their owners
  • while carrying a loaded gun in the shelter, he threatens people who speak out about his new policies, telling them they will banned if they utter a word against him
  • replaced the existing rescue coordinator who has worked with rescues for years to save thousands of animals, with inexperienced individuals
  • won't allow volunteers to bring home- cooked nutritious food, with immune boosting supplements, to feed to the malnourished dogs
  • won't allow volunteers to access the small dog and puppy kennels to take photos, unless accompanied by staff (wait time up to 2 hours)
  • hasn't hired a vet tech or additional kennel staff, even though there are currently too many animals for them to oversee
  • won't allow volunteers to groom or bathe matted and flea/tick infested dogs any longer
  • won't allow volunteers into the isolation kennels to get photos of the dogs hidden behind the new screened fences
  • refuses to provide euthanasia (Urgent) lists for networkers to try to get dogs saved before they are killed
  • won't approve ANY costs above the minimum allowance ($70 per animal) to treat sick or injured animals at the vet, instead giving orders to euthanize them
  • won't allow the vet to provide information to rescues or networkers for the animals in their care, so they can still be given a chance to be saved
  • treats employees rude and disrespectfully
  • banned all employees and volunteers from feeding the resident cats, or from trying to trap them so they don't starve
  • refused to allow beds that the community and volunteers donate and assemble for the dogs
  • will not allow blankets in the kennels either
  • he has NO prior experience running a shelter, yet he is paid over $200,000 for doing so