Stop Illegal Toronto Police Surveillance

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Toronto Police have plans to install CCTV cameras in Jane and Finch. Police are asking us to trust that they will limit recording to public spaces and not the inside of our homes. TPS tell us they will only keep footage for 72 hours "at which point footage will be erased and recorded over."

As reported by CBC and Global News, the recent Clearview AI scandal, detailing Toronto Police's secretive use of controversial and unethical facial recognition software, demonstrates the Toronto Police Force cannot and should not be trusted.

If the Toronto Police Force is allowed to go ahead and install cameras in Black and racialized communities, this will result in more racist policing, more racial profiling and the increased harassment of our Black youth. This cannot stand. Toronto Police Force have shown us who they are - racist, unethical and untrustworthy - especially when they are unchecked. We must take this stand and draw the line here.

Sign this petition if you agree that Toronto Police should HALT ALL plans to install CCTV cameras in Jane and Finch or any other Black and racialized community in Toronto.