Shut Down Lower Broadway Bars to Protect Nashville From COVID-19

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*This petition is directed to the elected officials who oversee the city and state. We appreciate the businesses downtown that have made sacrifices and have complied with mandates. Unfortunately, large crowds continue to gather on the streets that negatively impact ALL of Nashville businesses and citizens *

To the service staff and downtown workers, you should not have to choose between your health and a paycheck. Your employers should do all they can to make sure you qualify for unemployment. Federal unemployment benefits should be extended as COVID cases continue to rise.

Updated 7/26

The rest of Nashville is suffering the consequences of the large tourist crowds gathering downtown. We want to safely return to work and school, we want to safely open back up businesses (there are many that remain closed even as bars downtown remain open by using a food sale loophole), and most importantly, we want our health prioritized.

Outside of the bars, the streets are packed with maskless people, ignoring mandates. Party buses continue to run, ignoring mandates. If you look at the heat map, published by the mayor himself, you will see that most of the cases are coming from downtown.

Closing at 10 pm is not helping. COVID does not care if it is 9 pm or 1 am.

The goal of this petition is to pressure our leaders to take our health seriously and consider the economic health of the rest of the city, not just downtown.

Photo credit: Leslee Mitchell (twitter: @lesleemitchell) taken 7/18/20