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Change the conditions and treatment of animals in Jackson Rabies Control


Jackson Madison County Rabies Control, located at: 146 Miller Ave, Jackson, TN was built in 1970. The shelter is EXTREMELY small, out of date and the city/county population has exploded since the construction of the shelter 43 yrs ago. The Jackson, TN population is 155,600 currently.There are more animals coming in daily to JRC than there are available kennels and those animals are euthanized if the owner does not claim them or they are not adopted/rescued. Owner surrendered animals can be euthanized immediately. Cats can be euthanized immediately, period. There is no regulations in place for repeated animal surrenders by known animal abusers and backyard breeders. Many of these repeat offenders drop off a over bred dog only to "Adopt" a puppy to start the breeding process again. Known dog breeders are waiting first thing in the morning to adopt these dogs that the AC knows will be dumped a few years later after being overbred.  
Dogs and cats entering the shelter are not given medical care, flea medication or any other treatment. The dogs lay on concrete winter and summer without ANY bedding material. There is no air conditioning at all in the kennels, only fans that circulate hot air. Flies and mosquitoes are abundant and bite the dogs and cats continually which breeds disease not only in dogs and cats but humans as well. Cats/kittens are housed in cages with drainage bedding.
The animals are not socialized. People are not allowed to touch them, walk them, bathe them, put flea meds on them or have any human contact with them. Some animals need nails trimmed for health reasons and most need flea medication to prevent further infestation. This is not allowed.
The kennels are washed down with a water hose winter and summer. There are reports of some dogs and cats having ice on them due to being sprayed with water in extremely low temps. This is again, inhumane treatment.
There is no spay/neuter program for low income potential adopters nor are there any applications to adopt. There are no adoption events. There is no publicity about the shelter that animals are for adoption or that a family pet may be there. Scanning for chips is not done consitantly on new arrivals. Rabies tags are used if available to find owners. The JRC has a website, however, NO updates of found animals or turned in animals are ever posted. There is no real way for these animals to be even considered for adoption by the public or for a lost pet to be found.
There is no true volunteer program in place and the general public is not allowed to do volunteer work on behalf of any animals regardless of physical health or conditions. Sick animals are left in the kennels to die or be euthanized when their time is up.
A current employee has been reported more than once for animal cruelty, hitting dogs when only partly sedated, and for stealing dogs from private property, i.e. carports, fenced yards and pens. He was reported for using heart stick euthanasia without any prior sedation. The AC's do NOT weigh the animals to know the amount for sedation or euthanizing the animals. Many of these animals are NOT FULLY SEDATED when they are KILLED.
The shelter is next to Jackson Energy Sewerage Treatment plant and the stench of human waste and burning off methane gas is breath taking and overwhelming. It is surely a deterrent to possible adopters or visitors.
There is NO EUTHANIZATION ROOM. This is illegal. These animals are KILLED in front of the other cats and dogs causing huge amounts of fear in all of the animals in JRC. All animals are euthanized by heart stick method and that is unacceptable with modern updated medicine. It has been banned by many states and is considered inhumane.
There are only 24 kennels, 12 on left side, 12 on the right side of the building. Euths have been preformed even when the cages are not full. Killing for no reason.
Puppies are dying for unknown reasons upon entering JRC. There has also been many reports of Parvo stricken dogs in JRC due to unsanitary cleaning practices. 
We are asking for you to sign this for change at the Jackson Rabies Control. We are asking for humane treatment of these and future animals at Jackson Rabies Control with modification and updating to this facility. Thank you for your support.

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