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Ban Plastic Bags and Plastic Straws in Ottawa

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The city of Ottawa is known as one of Canada's most beautiful city's to live. But beneath it has a common problem which has literally ruined the environment, ecosystems and animal wildlife. It's the use of single-use plastic straws and plastic bags. 

Did you know?  

-Businesses spend over 4 Billion dollars a year on plastic bags. Businesses will be saving money on selling reusable bags made from scraps (such as IKEA)

- Plastic is NOT biodegradable, causing in turn floods from blockages in sewage systems and pipes. 

-80% of all marine debris found in the ocean is land based, and 80-90% of the marine debris is made from plastic.

-There is 8 million tonnes of "stuff" entering the oceans every year.  Plastic bags and plastic straws are the most nasty kind of plastic. It is single use and ends up directly in the landfills or oceans. 

With a simple approach to ban the use of plastic straws and plastic bags, Ottawa will be saving MILLIONS of wasteful products going to the garbage every year. 

Help us making this beautiful city even more beautiful. A conscious city is an innovative city. 

Here is a list of cities which have banned single-use plastic bags:

Fort McMurray, Alberta is the first city in Canada (since 2010) to ban single-use bags both paper and plastic, including biodegradable bags. They allow bags from fast-food restaurants and bags for bulk use like produce and bags from pharmacies and liquor stores.

Leaf Rapids, Manitoba banned single-use plastic bags in 2007. The town imposed the ban not only because of the detrimental impact the bags have on the environment but also because of the impact on the community's aesthetics
Montreal, Quebec is banning plastic bags by January 1, 2018

The State of California has banned plastic bags. 

The Territories of the Samoa have banned plastic bags.

Eritrea banned plastic bags in 2005.

Mauritania banned plastic bags and production in 2013.

Morocco banned the use and distribution in 2016.

3 Alaskan Municipalities have bans.

France became the first country to ban plastic bags, plastic plates and cutlery, a ban which goes into effect in 2020.

Bangladesh became the first nation to ban plastic bags in 2002, after they blocked up drainage systems during flooding. 

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