Remove Capt. William Fisher from Philadelphia Police Department 26th Precinct

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On Monday, June 1 2020, a vigilante group consisting of 60-100 people armed with bats, clubs, pipes, and hatchets marched freely on Girard Ave. in Fishtown. Residents of the area were harassed, insulted, spit on, and in at least two cases physically assaulted. Reports at the time indicated that the vigilante mob hurled ethnic and homophobic slurs, including "f****t," "n****r," and others. A reporter for WHYY was sent to the hospital after being beaten by members of the mob.

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the Philadelphia Police Dept.'s 26th Precinct leadership was not only aware of the intentions of the vigilante mob, but bears responsibility for them. This responsibility falls on Captain William Fisher of the PPD and head of the 26th precinct.

The Inquirer's reporting confirmed the following:

Members of the vigilante mob harassed and abused multiple residents in public simply because they disagreed with their politics, or hated them for their race or sexual orientation.

Members of the vigilante mob assaulted at least two people, including sending a WHYY reporter to the hospital.

PPD's 26th Precinct, including Capt. William Fisher knew about the vigilante mob, encouraged, enabled, and protected them.

No members of the vigilante mob were arrested for breaking curfew or for any of their other crimes.

As a result of this reporting, we demand three things:

1. Captain William Fisher must be held accountable for his actions and must be immediately removed from the 26th precinct.

2. A full IA investigation of officers on the scene must be conducted, and officers who refused to arrest members of the vigilante mob engaging in violence must be fired.

3. Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Outlaw must clearly state their objection to vigilante actions - not just "armed vigilance" - but all efforts and allowances of transfer of law enforcement authority to favored groups.