Make The ACCT Philly a No-Kill Shelter

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The Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) is currently searching for a new Executive Director.  This is the perfect time for the City of Philadelphia to enact change that is consistent with the change that is happening in many other progressive cities around this country.  It is time for the City of Philadelphia to make the ACCT Philly a no-kill shelter. In 2017, 1,277 dogs and 1,963 cats were euthanized at the ACCT.   As of April 30, 2018,  371  dogs and 369  cats have already  been euthanized this year.  That means for every 90 minutes the ACCT is open for business, an animal dies.  This is unacceptable.  Dogs like Bud, pictured above, should have had the chance to live.  

The choice to become no-kill can be achieved virtually overnight.  The ACCT can quickly save the vast majority of animals once it commits to do so, even in the face of economic crisis.  The excuses of inadequate funding, too many animals, not feasible in an open intake setting, and public safety obligations are just that:  excuses.  A national study found no correlation between per capita funding for animal control and save rates. "Dollars & Sense:  The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control."  In fact, going no-kill often has a positive impact on a city.  When the City of Austin, TX went no-kill, it brought in $157,452,503 in positive economic impact from 2010-2016 (and that is using the most conservative possible measure of the data - the true economic benefit is  likely much higher).  Google cited Austin's no-kill policy as one of the leading factors in choosing to build an office tower there.  

Mayor Kenney, you ran on a progressive platform of inclusiveness and change.  You have already granted sanctuary status to all people in the City of Philadelphia.  It is time to extend that same sanctuary and safe haven to the City's animal population as well.

Killing healthy and redeemable animals for space, time and shelter-generated diseases is not a valid excuse to kill, violates the ACCT's tax-exempt charitable status and defies the true meaning of the concept of euthanasia: "The merciful killing of sick or injured animals beyond redemption." The homeless animals currently being killed by the ACCT do not meet this criteria.

Going no-kill can easily be achieved by one city resolution.  Mayor Kenney, we look to you and the City Council to do so.  Now is the time to be on the right side of change.  We, as volunteers at the ACCT, look forward to working with you to make this happen.  

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