Get First Works Baptist Church out of El Monte!

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*FOLLOW @KEEPELMONTEFRIENDLY ON INSTAGRAM FOR UPDATES* First Works Baptist Church is a ministry led by Bruce Mejia. Mejia twists God's word and actively discriminates against the LGBTQIA+ community. We are asking Mayor Jessica Ancona of El Monte to recognize FWBC as a hate group and take them out of our city. As someone who grew up in El Monte and is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am saddened to see that we are allowing this type of bigotry to freely exist in our neighborhood. We need to let Bruce Mejia and his following know that they are not welcomed. The city of El Monte and its constituents do not condone this "church" and want their members to know that they cannot congregate here. In addition to their hateful ways, they are going against COVID-19 guidelines by having several households gather indoors with no masks. Let us come together and show that love trumps hate. In 2021, I hope that we can move forward to spread love and acceptance to future generations instead of digressing to hateful ways. We must come together to shut FWBC down.