Make Backyard Chickens legal for all city of Glendale, AZ residents.

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It is time for backyard chicken keeping to be legalized so that all residents who reside in the city of Glendale, AZ can have backyard chickens if they choose.

City of Glendale definition of Livestock: neat animals, horses, sheep, goats, swine, mules and asses. (Please note chickens or other fowl are not mentioned) We are requesting that the city of Glendale allow backyard chickens for all residents, with the exception of roosters. According to ZI11-03 Zoning Interpretation Record from 12/01/11 chickens are only allowed in the following residential zones: A-1(Agricultural), RR-90 & RR-45 (Rural Residential), and SR-30, SR-17 and SR-12 (Suburban Residential). This interpretation is based on a zoning ordinance that was adopted in 1993.

Some of the benefits of having backyard hens are allowing the citizens of Glendale to live as sustainable as possible. Chickens are sustainable on a micro scale and should be encouraged. They are fun and have their own individual personalities, they provide therapy at the end of a long day, and they provide fresh organic eggs, which are healthier than store bought eggs. Their manure can be used and combined with household compost to help create healthier and more fruitful vegetable gardens. In this day and age more individuals are wishing to become as self-sustained as possible, but not everyone is able to afford to live on property that allow chickens in the city of Glendale. Chickens are an inexpensive way for families to be self-sufficient on a micro scale.

Chickens should not be included as domestic household pets such as dogs and cats.

Here are a few facts to be aware of with backyard chickens:

1. You do not need a rooster for a hen to lay an egg

2. Eggs; production slows down in the fall and winter months

3. Pest control; they eat spiders, scorpions, crickets and many other annoying pests

4. Weed control; they eat most weeds, they are smart, they know which weeds are safe and which ones are not

5. They eat most of your table scraps, reducing your amount of trash to go in a landfill

6. They put themselves to bed each evening

7. Chickens do not smell unless their owners are not keeping up on their droppings and still this is not as bad as a cat litter box

8. Chickens cluck softly throughout the day and only get loud when laying an egg (less of a nuisance than a barking dog)

9. Chickens are a fun animal that give back to their owner

Items/pets allowed in Glendale that are more of a nuisance than Backyard Hens:

1. Feral cats that leave feces in your yard (whose feces are toxic & neighbors do not need permission to have feral cats)

2. Barking dogs (neighbors do not need permission to have dogs)

3. Macaws and parrots (neighbors do not need permission to have these birds)

4. Peacocks & peahens (currently residing in a city of Glendale park and library)

5. Cigarette smoke from a neighbor

Backyard chickens are allowed in many cities throughout the metro Phoenix area, with different regulations. The city of Glendale has chickens in a public park, Sahuaro Ranch Park.  These chickens are free ranging, there are also free ranging peacocks & peahens in the same park.  If the city is allowed to keep chickens, but they considered a nuisance for residents then they should follow their own rules and remove these animals from the park.  Shouldn't they be considered a nuisance everywhere? This is one of the many reasons why it is hard to understand why they are not allowed in the city of Glendale for all residents.

There are also many major cities throughout the United States that allow backyard hens: Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Ventura, San Francisco, Pasadena, Nashville, Fort Worth, Austin, Chicago, New York City and these are just to name a few.

The city of Glendale nor a residents neighbors should be able to dictate what animals or pets a family is allowed to keep on their own property. A neighbor does not need permission to keep a barking dog, nor does a neighbor need permission to feed and keep feral cats (which leave feces in neighbors’ yards and are toxic to pregnant women). The city or a neighbor should not be able to dictate the location of a chicken coop or chicken run either; an owner should be able to use their own judgment on where to place their flock on their own property.

Compliance: We are requesting that the zoning ordinance be changed for R1-4, R1-6, R1-7 and R1-8.  That backyard hen keeping be allowed for families residing in these zones.  Neighbors should not have control over what other neighbors are raising in their own backyard. If there is an issue it is requested that at least two neighbors from separate household have justifiable complaints.  A city of Glendale employee must be witness on several different occasions and documented notifications of complaint should be given to the owner of the flock within 24 hours of complaint. The owner of the flock shall be given a grace period of correcting complaint.  It is not unreasonable for a family to have 12 chickens total.  When chickens get older they do not lay often and this would give a family the opportunity to add to their flock, while still keeping the older ones. A reasonable number of laying hens is five (5).

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