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Dear Concerned Residents of Green Brook:

On behalf of Green Brook residents and local businesses, we urge you to add your name to this on-line petition. You may have heard that yet another commercial development has been proposed for the land between Lund Lane and Warrenville Road. The development will include a fitness center, a restaurant and a retail pad. Green Brook is already saturated with restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores. In fact, there is a gas station so close to the proposed development that a variance is required to approve its use. Further, the traffic for the U-turn at Warrenville Road and that coming down the mountain is already horrendous. Imagine the nightmare that an additional amount of cars would create. The proposed development would have about 700 parking spaces. There would be a new entrance/exit off Warrenville Road which we are concerned would create additional woes for residents.

In addition to the above concerns, we are extremely concerned about the risk of flooding to the south side of Route 22. The development cannot be created without the cutting down of thousands of trees. Without the benefit of those trees, we are confident that an area already prone to flooding will be exacerbated and that would be devastating to our community.

We urge you to sign this petition to at the very least scale back the scope of this project.

Letter to Mayor Jerry Searfoss Green Brook Deputy Mayor Nancy Stoll Green Brook Committeeperson Ken Herrmann
Oppose a new Fitness Center, Restaurant and a Retail Pad in Green Brook Township by cutting 1000+ trees and adding more traffic around Warrenville and Route 22W junction without caring for the safety of the people driving around the area.

Township of Green Brook
111 Greenbrook Road
Green Brook, New Jersey 08812

Attention: Land Use Board, Green Brook

Dear Land Use Board Members:
We write to you today as concerned residents of Green Brook and surrounding communities regarding the proposed new commercial construction between Lund Lane and Warrenville Road. As you might imagine, we are very concerned that a fitness center, a convenience store with a gas station and a restaurant are potential occupants of this already congested corridor. Accompanying this letter are comments from the greater community as a result of an on-line petition protesting this project.
You will note that the comments are significant in number and echo the sentiments of residents who have attended various meetings at Town Hall. They include the increased traffic congestion in the area, the destruction of mature trees, over development, lack of necessity and the environmental impact. The proposed development is very close to the junction of Rt. 22 and Warrenville Rd. that the entrance/exit is planned where the exit lane begins on Rt. 22 for Warrenville Rd. This has a great potential for accidents with cars simultaneously exiting Rt. 22 onto Warrenville and cars from the proposed development entering Rt. 22. Similar situation exists at the junction of Rt. 22 West and West End Road in North Plainfield (2 miles east of this junction) which is accident prone. The situation here will be lot worse as the West End development has less traffic as it only has around 50 parking spots whereas the proposed development will have over 700.
Also included in the comments is the issue of potential flooding and the removal of green space which should be important to all of us. Nearby residents lose their picturesque community and the likelihood in the decrease of property values. Safety is definitely an issue when round the clock business is introduced in any community. You will note that some of the comments include the fact that there are multiple vacant businesses already in the area and that Green Brook does not lack for any of the proposed businesses. As stated in an earlier letter, we are confident that the increased traffic, the noise and possible gasoline fumes will do nothing to enhance the quality of life for nearby families. The balance of nature has already been significantly upset in this area and that is evident with the number of animals, especially deer found foraging for food.
We are appealing to you to reject this plan because of the negative impact it will have on Green Brook and the surrounding communities. We thank you in advance for your careful and thoughtful consideration. We urge you to take the time to read all the comments.
The Residents of Green Brook
Cc: Congressman Leonard Lance-7th Congressional District
Assemblyman Jerry Greene; Assemblywoman Linda Stender

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