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We the residents and business owners of Seattle hereby request a recall election of the Seattle city mayor, Jenny Durkan, and all 7 city council members for the following reasons:
-Failure to uphold public safety and sanitation. 
-Failure to uphold oath of office
-Failure to make the city business friendly 
-Regressive taxes that hurt poor people.

-Allowing an illegal occupation of taxpayer land  

-Allowing a dangerous environment and allowing murder. 

-Allowing and ignoring federal narcotics was which has allowed hardcore drug dealers to take over the City, the extensive crime wave of break ins over the piglet sound are because mayor Durkan has failed to control crime in the downtown core for years and it has now boiled over to dysfunction, and the biggest favor she can do is resign. 

Under mayor Durkan, the hands off police policy have turned the city into a crime infested and dangerous place. 
Federal crimes are being committed in broad daylight in Seattle, and the administration is responsible. Allowing Federally criminalized substances to be carried and sold in broad daylight is against the law and the mayor, SPD, and city council have become accomplices by allowing this illegal activity to occur which has endangered residents and is getting worse day by day.

Because the police are not allowed to Arrest people carrying drugs it has resulted in a spike in drug dealing, which is spike property crimes, assaults and now gun violence. 
We have a police force level of 2015 but thousands of new residents who underserved because the police are quitting because of low morale, and not being able to do their job.   
We ask the rule of law be restored. 
-The ongoing public sanitation crisis. 
Dirty needles all over ... this is a constant public health hazard where people could contract HIV aids and hepatitis by merely stepping on a dirty needle. When you report the incident to the city they tell you that I take weeks to months to clean up the site, which is unacceptable. 

There is human waste flowing all over the streets and into the Puget Sound from the encampments that the mayor can’t seem to get a hold of or control. 
The situation has gotten so out of control that people are being attacked at the third Avenue entrance of the courthouse and of course the solution isn’t something logical like in force crime, the proposed solution was to move the courthouse to Redmond.
The city is progressively taxing as poor citizens and not working in their interests. They keep passing more and more taxes that affect poor people like sugar tax heating oil taxes and now they want to add a $.50 tax to Uber rides claiming that it’s going to help the drivers in the drivers wages and it’s going to help build affordable housing yet the city decided to pass the plan without actually sitting and talking to the drivers about their expenses first, and the city thinks that getting together with the gig economy is more important than solving the problems on the streets. There is no reason for the Seattle government to intervene in the business as someone else such as Uber drivers and their relationship with their contractor our contractor company because Seattle has proven itself to be ineffective in its spending. 
Every time the city asks for new taxes they say it’s going to help you more but somehow they end up falling short of the money, and keep inventing new taxes to get new revenue but never fix the problems that they sought revenue for. Instead all the money goes to the mayor’s grand project that she can put on her resume for when she leaves the city. 
We have millions of dollars a bike lanes and messed up traffic because the department of transportation can’t figure out our keeps changing the routes but the reason we have congestion is because we keep losing traffic lanes to bike lanes that aren’t even utilized that much. 
The Westlake station has become home to the West Coast largest open air drug market with drugs are sold in open during the day right at the place where the shooting happened.
In 2018 I was assaulted by somebody and that person was never arrested, the mayors office never return my phone calls, and they were going to let him go with basically a warning for what’s the state patrol considered to be a felony. 
It is 2020 and in February they will finally take this person to a jury trial but it took me over a year a pressuring to actually get them to prosecute a crime in which the defendant confessed, but is still free as a bird. 
Yet the Seattle government wants you to trust them with your money, and your business however they have failed to uphold their out of office and keep the city safe and sanitary for people to live in.
The largest lease in Seattle history was canceled by Amazon because of the conditions of the city and now businesses are threatening to leave the city, the mayor and the city Council are allowing the drug dealers and homeless and encampments to take over the city and drive out of the business the city is going to collapse under their leadership.
For these reasons the Seattle government has failed the people and we are making a formal recall petition to the court to recall the Seattle government an elected government is actually interested in its constituent’s safety. 
The process for recall election requires me the petitioner, to gather the signatures online first as a show of support, I didn’t take those signatures to a court and make the legal case for the recall election. 
Once the order is granted only residence or business owners in Seattle can sign the petition but it will be a real petition to recall the mayor and city Council and have another election to replace them. 
We cannot wait until election cycles to vote out problems that are not being solved, we are the taxpayers we are paying these people to do their jobs and they are not it is time that we show them the door and invite someone into our city it will actually take care of us and the city without gouging us with useless taxes, screwing up our roads, allowing people to break into our homes, assault us, rape us or defecate in front of our businesses. 
Seattle will collapse under current leadership; the people must act now, Please sign.
We ask the mayor and city council to either enforce the laws, stop catch and release, or resign so we can elect officials who will.
The people of had enough and the undersigned people have spoken to the Seattle city council in the Seattle mayors office that this will no longer stand and if you do not make drastic changes starting this week, to end their hands off policing policy, and restore public order we will take these signatures from this petition to the court and petition for the removal of both entities.