Save NovaStar Rescue!

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What's Happening:  NovaStar Rescue in Ola, Arkansas (501C3 nonprofit - was just given notice that the city council voted to shut them down.  They were served with a thirty-day notice to close their rescue (and try to find homes for the 30 adult currently in their care).  They plan on fighting this and need your support.  Please sign this petition and call/email the city council of Ola to reconsider closing NovaStar.  (But please be respectful if you contact them.)  

Phone:  (479) 489-5131


Why It's Happening: The Ola City Council is trying to force NovaStar to close. They are enforcing a four-dog limit ordinance that had been on the books since 1991, but has NEVER been enforced. The city and police department regularly bring dogs to the NovaStar. There is no city animal shelter/facility to house stray dogs, and no animal control. The city does not pay one dime for the care of those dogs even though there legally must be a mandatory stray hold.  NovaStar is the only hope for hurting animals in Ola.  If NovaStar closes, the city's plan is to trap and kill all stray/abandoned animals.  

What NovaStar does:  They take in the poor, discarded dogs of their county, bring them back to health, and find homes for them. To date, they have saved thousands dogs, three kittens a few ducks and one pig.  They have also vaccinated, spayed and neutered hundreds of dogs for people in the community who could not afford it.  Just this week someone threw a litter of puppies over a bridge.  Two drowned but five survived.  NovaStar took them in and are making sure they never suffer like that again. That's what NovaStar does.

NovaStar is good for the community!  People all over the country love and respect them for the good work they do.  They bring positive attention to Ola, Arkansas and bring money into the community. 

From the NovaStar website:  ​NovaStar Rescue is a small rescue in Ola Arkansas. NovaStar receives no federal or state funding - and only operates by donations and volunteers.  The main focus of NovaStar is to educate, save, and provide dogs a second chance when humans have let them down.  We are their advocates!!!  We provide sanction and help for all breeds but focus on pitbulls due to the extreme bias and misunderstanding of the breed.  People need to know and understand that the breed is not the problem - it is how they are raised and socialized.  Whether they come from off the streets, out of the shelters, or owner surrenders, every dog, puppy and animal deserves a chance at a good home where he will be loved and cherished as a family member and that is what we strive for in each and every adoption.

NovaStar is a light shining through the pain, misery and hopelessness for so many deserving animals.  Please don't let this light go out!

If you can help foster or adopt any of the current dogs in rescue, please do so asap.  Transportation may be available from Arkansas to help. 

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