Acct Philly’s Neglect and Murder of a Suspected Dog Fighting victim "West"

Acct Philly’s Neglect and Murder of a Suspected Dog Fighting victim "West"

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Erin Quinn started this petition to Philadelphia Mayor Mayor James Kenney

Acct has refused to follow protocol regarding Dogs who are the Victims of Illegal Dog Fighting.  West was dumped on a porch in a crate covered in blood with bite wounds all over his body. When the animal control officer handled him, he bit. Although there is no video or evidence of him biting. He was scared and severely injured. We don’t know how rough the officer was with him but Acct chose to ignore  protocol.  They ignored rules regarding victims of dog fighting. West needed to be under protective custody safe and cared for until a dog fighting investigation was completed. Acct Philly killed him after only 4 days.  They refused to report West as a victim of suspected illegal dog fighting and an investigation was never initiated. We are still waiting for Acct to give us the address where West was dumped. They have to provide it due to the Right to Know Act as they are a public shelter. By not reporting and providing the address, they are enabling the Dog Fighters to continue their illegal dog fights.  Acct Philly chose after days of neglect to kill this injured dog who was the victim of cruelty. They made up rules that hadn’t pertained to any other dog to make it impossible for this dog to be rescued. A respected New York Rescue offered to rescue West and they were told No. Acct is poorly run and they make up rules as they go along. They refused to send West to an outside veterinarian for care even though the costs were 100 % covered by a donor. His wounds were still oozing days later. They left this injured dog with wounds all over his body in pain for days. We want an investigation started regarding the treatment of West and the abuses at Acct. We want justice for West. Please sign this petition so West’s cruel treatment will get investigated and he and the other dogs at Acct will get justice. 

We have added parts of a previous petition regarding Acct Philly below. The questions are still valid today and we would like answers.  The petition is asking where all the money went that was provided by the city for renovations since Acct has not made repairs and is asking for more money. We would like this to be part of our requested investigation with the dates updated to include present and future budgets. The air conditioning is still broken. The dogs are suffering and getting sick in this 90 degree heat wave. The kennels are being repaired by volunteers with wire and Acct is full of rats. Acct Philly should be shut down. It is unsafe for the animals. 

We demand a complete forensic audit of ACCT of Philladelphia (ACCT Philly) the past three years. We believe that funds have been mismanaged in various ways.

Furthermore, ACCT has not published any figures on a regular basis on what money it has received from donations, and adoption fees. 

We would also like to know what happened to the money for the dog kennels that the staff said would be replaced after the air conditioning was fixed. According to the last 990 released, only $793,896 of a $4,673,362 was being used toward animal care supplies. We demand to know the breakdown how the majority of the money is being used.

We would also know the future plans of ACCT’s funding by seeing the budget they have for 2020 as well as the budget for 2019 and how well they planned. Part of this would include ACCT publishing ALL minutes of the board meetings for the past year and allowing the public to attend all portions of the board meetings.

To summarize we are asking for:

A forensic audit of the past three years.
A breakdown of how the money is being spent including the salaries of key staff members (as done for city employees).
Publishing of funds brought into ACCT through fees and donations.
Copies of past and future budgets.
Public allowed at all board meeting and publishing the minutes of all board meetings. 
And based on this petition's updates, we also want:
        7.  An explanation on why Vector Control hasn't been moved out of the building
        8. An investigation into pay equality at ACCT and possible discrimination.”
         9 An investigation into West’s death. Acct’s neglect, and refusal to provide needed veterinary care even though the cost was covered 100% by a donor. Acct’s refusal to let a respected rescue take West who was able and willing to give West the Veterinary care he desperately needed and  Acct’s refusal to report a suspected fight dog situation so an investigation could be started.

We are requesting details such as the address where West was dumped which they legally have to provide due to  The Right to Know Act. So we can stop Illegal Dog Fights from continuing. 




0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!