Get the spay/neuter van running in Orange County Florida

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Fewer Animals Born = Fewer Animals Killed!

Please sign this petition to get the spay/neuter van running again in Orange County, FL. 

It's a simple equation.  Fewer born = Fewer killed.  According to their own website, 50% of the more than 23,000 animals brought to Orange County Animal Services die there. 10,678 are killed there EACH YEAR.  In 2011, more than 7,600 s/n surgeries were performed at OCAS.  Imagine how many more animals could be saved from certain death if the s/n van was again available, and OCAS was shown how to successfully get the word out to the community!!

The van would make it easier for our residents to better care for their pets.  Include microchipping and low-cost pet exams.  Rabies vaccinations.  Free s/n  for pits and pit mixes, since those are the breeds that suffer most of the daily killing at OCAS.  Low-cost s/n for other breeds.  Cats too!  Bring food from their new Pet Pantry to provide to those who need it.

Many cities utilize this and know it's a BIG part of their solution to pet overpopulation:  NY, NY... El Paso TX...Kanab, UT... San Diego, CA ... Denver CO...Sonoma CA... Ft. Lauderdale FL...Miami/Dade FL...Tampa FL... just to name a few. Residents make appointments and then line up for these services! They want to help their pets! 

Isn't it time The City Beautiful got back on board?  OCAS used to operate their s/n van, but it was taken out of service in mid-2012.  Here are some of the reasons we've been told by OCAS staffers that it's no longer used: 1) the floor fell out  2) it doesn't run 3) no one to staff it.

OCAS used to staff the van with contracted veterinarians.  Why was this practiced stopped?  Why won't they ask for community support to get it back up and running?  We know there is a great deal of support for animals in need in Central Florida. If you had the knowledge to help rebuild it, would you volunteer your time and tools?  We don't understand why OCAS refuses to take this important step and ask their community for help.  Other Florida shelters in need have asked for and received the assistance of their community.

As far as cost, the budget for Ft. Lauderdale's mobile unit in 2013 is $290K.  It runs 4 days a week and has been in service since January 2011.  It's staffed by 3 vets and 1 tech. Their van is pictured here! 

There is an Animal Services Trust Fund set up for OCAS that could be partially utilized for this purpose.  Mayor Jacobs just recommended providing an additional $500,000 to the OCAS budget.  Perhaps there are those you know in the community with deep pockets who would be willing to help sponsor this project, matching funds with the city!  

We are aware that the SPCA of Orlando is planning on getting a s/n van running some time in the future. But there is no reason there cannot be two vans in an area as large as Orange County.  We know the need is great, we know the need is there.

We're asking Mayor Jacobs and the Commissioners of Orange County to support this project. Stop the breeding, and you stop the killing.

In a meeting in early December, Orange County Animal Services claimed "the bus is ready to go".  We have yet to see any sign of it.  They don't have the staff or the plans in place to hire out vet services to utilize it.  They only have placed ONE help wanted ad for additional vets on ONE website - the Orange County jobsite.  They are determined to keep dragging their heels.  So please, keep forwarding this to all your contacts!  The endless killing is continuing.


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