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Ban Performing Animal Exhibitions from Clinton, Indiana

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This petition was created to ask for your support in prohibiting all future performing animal exhibitions (i.e. traveling live-animal shows and circuses) from the city of Clinton, Indiana. This includes the Kelly Miller Circus that is scheduled to take place on May 8, 2017 at Clinton's Sportland Park, which is being sponsored by the Clinton City Fire Department.

The Kelly Miller Circus uses live animals in its acts. Animals used in circuses always lead extremely stressful and unnatural lives, and are trained by extreme force and abuse beginning at a very young age. Devices such as “bullhooks” and electric cattle prods – designed to stab, gouge, slash, cut, bruise, shock, and burn animals – are standard tools in training circus animals. Because these are wild animals being taught to perform difficult, unnatural, and often painful tricks, they can never be trusted to perform. Because of this, trainers use tactics that are meant to instill fear and establish dominance on all of these animals.

Circus animals are confined to small, barren cages, railroad cars, or trucks for up to 50 weeks each year. These enclosures are barely large enough for the animal to turn around, and in the case of elephants, the animals are chained for 24 hours a day – oftentimes allowing them to stand in only one position. These cages are often dirty, unprotected from the elements, and crowded. Circus animals suffer lives of immense physical and mental distress, and it is not uncommon for them to die from these substandard conditions.

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Beginning March 12 of 2017 alone, the animals of the Kelly Miller Circus will have already traveled 56 days in a row, 2,631 miles and 51 hours before reaching the event at Sportland Park in Clinton, IN. on May 8 (see Kelly Miller Circus event schedule here). The stress and exhaustion that these animals must endure from excessive travel, extreme confinement, and forced performance is a very real danger to the public. Not only is it damaging to an elephant’s spine to bear weight (for rides) due to its unique anatomic structure, the circus acts that force the elephants to perform in unnatural and painful positions, and the excessive time spent confined without exercise and forced to remain in one position ultimately leads to crippling arthritis. This is extremely dangerous to anyone who climbs atop an elephant’s back for a ride should the elephant stumble or fall (click here for a closer look at the danger of elephant rides). Circus animals and other captive 'exotic' animals have been responsible for 132 deaths, and hundreds of maulings and injuries since 1990.

It is commonplace for circuses with animal acts to receive multiple citations under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). This act provides only minimum protection to animals, such as requiring that the animal has enough room to turn around, lie down and stand up, and that they are not left standing in their own waste. It does not prohibit the use of any of the barbaric training devices and methods that are used to train animals for every circus. Even so, these basic standards provided by the AWA are routinely violated and poorly enforced. Although the Kelly Miller Circus leases its animals from the Carson & Barnes Circus, it has still managed to receive a minimum of 21 citations from the USDA dating back to 1992 (see list of USDA violations here). The Carson & Barnes Circus has seven pages of USDA violations, which can be viewed here and ranks #3 on PETA's 'Top 8 Worst Circuses' list.

Animal circuses and other traveling animal attractions have been banned from many municipalities throughout the world because of the danger these events pose to the public. Thirty-five countries worldwide have set a nationwide ban on the use of animals in circuses; in the United States, there are 71 municipalities in 27 states that have set partial or full bans on circus animals. The Kelly Miller Circus ranks #5 on PETA’s 'Top 8 Worst Circuses' list. 

We, the undersigned, hope you will consider these facts and help Clinton, Indiana become the next municipality to say “no” to circuses for the sake of the animals’ welfare and the local citizens’ safety. Please encourage the Clinton City Fire Department to discontinue its sponsorship of the Kelly Miller Circus and instead, sponsor one of the new-age, humane all-human circuses (view list here).

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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