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Mayor Taylor: Arrange a meeting with your secular constituents

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In light of Mayor Ivy Taylor's recent comments suggesting that those lacking a "relationship with [her] creator" are broken and implying a connection between religious nonbelief and the economic misfortunes of San Antonians, as well as her doubling-down on this negative perception of atheists during an attempted explanation on social media, the Atheists, Agnostics, Religious "Nones," and Freethinkers of San Antonio would like to extend an invitation for her to meet us in person.

San Antonio has a vibrant community of residents who live productive, purposeful lives without the need or desire for a supernatural creator(s). We would like the opportunity to address the popular perception that we are broken, in need of fixing, or a cause or symptom of any societal aliments.

No less than 22.8% of Americans are religiously unaffiliated. This number jumps to over 36% in American Millennials (Pew Research, 2014). Developing studies suggest that a vast swath of population, at least one third of atheists, choose to remain in the closet (Gervais, Najle 2017). These closeted atheists shouldn’t feel the need to hide their beliefs, but comments like those of Mayor Taylor contribute to their hesitation and keep them hidden in the dark.

If Mayor Taylor is committed to serving all of San Antonio's residents, including the growing number of those without a supernatural faith, we invite her to meet with us to gain a better understanding of our beliefs, morals, and sense of purpose in life.

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Upon gathering widespread support, this petition will be delivered to Mayor Taylor along with the contact information of San Antonio's participating secular organizations.

Drafted by the leaders of San Antonio's secular organizations (in order of endorsement):

1. Sean Omar Rivera: President, The Secular Student Alliance at UTSA; Board Member, Freethinkers Association of Central Texas

2. Kathryn Gaines: President, Freethinkers Association of Central Texas

3. Paul Cooper: Former Leader, San Antonio Atheists; Founding Member, San Antonio Coalition of Reason; Texas Freethought Convention

4. Gary Laun: Coordinator, San Antonio Coalition of Reason

5. Donnamarie Swafford: Co-Chair, San Antonio Coalition of Reason

6. D.L. Bienen: Vice President, Freethinkers Association of Central Texas

7. Victoria Gettman: Executive Director, South Texas Atheists for Reason

8. Nick Lee: Previous President, Freethinkers Association of Central Texas; Nationally-Recognized Secular Leader

9. Fil Session: Coordinator, Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless; Volunteer, San Antonio Atheists Helping the Homeless

10. Anthony Magnabosco: Atheist Activist

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