So much for bike lanes. What about Vancouver's stupid windows. Restore sanity to City Hall

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Traffic on Vancouver West End's major exit south and east on Pacific Avenue through Burrard Bridge has been totally messed up to create more space for cyclists where there is little bicycle traffic.  How many cyclists do you see on the bicycle lane to the right of the cars in the picture? The shrunken lanes on Pacific Avenue and Burrard make it extremely difficult for motorists to exit and enter the West End with long lineups especially in rush hour. Instead of stopping there, this travesty seems to be spreading to other parts of the city, threatening the lifestyles and productivity of the majority of Vancouver residents.

Burrard Bridge and Pacific Avenue leading to the bridge have been reduced to single lane traffic that may extend for miles, with hundreds of cars idling and unnecessarily polluting the air, not to mention the enormous difficulty that motorists face every day to commute to and from work. Sometimes it takes more than half an hour for motorists to get on the bridge, only to face an extremely slow bumper to bumper traffic on the shrunken lanes. It is a dark joke that these changes have been brought about in the name of making Vancouver a green city. It ought to be measured how much extra fuel motorists have wasted and how much more pollution has been generated in downtown Vancouver since this scheme was put into effect.

It has been established by statistics that at least 85-percent of residents commute by car, while cyclists make up a fraction of commuters. Mobility is a fundamental constitutional right of citizens. Nobody has the right to restrict the mobility of motorists if this is how they choose to commute. Nobody has the right to force citizens to give up their cars and walk or cycle to work or to fulfil other necessities. This seems to be the motive behind the manufactured traffic congestion. This scheme is also creating a generational divide and antagonism between the young and the mature residents of the city.

This mess, which has cost millions of taxpayer dollars, has been created arbitrarily without any referendum and without consent of the majority of residents affected. This is totally undemocratic and reminiscent of public decisions made in underdeveloped Third World countries and dictatorships.

Burrard Bridge, Pacific Avenue, all related access and exits, and all concrete traffic alterations and deviations made throughout the city for bike lanes and bike rentals should be restored to what they were before this scheme was implemented.