Town Council of Aurora ON must allocate $2 per dog tag, 10% of fines, to off leash park

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No money at all has been budgeted for safety, maintenance and improvement of Canine Commons off leash dog park since it opened in 2003. In 13 years nothing has been improved, everything deteriorated. Yet in 13 years over $2,000,000 has been taken from dog owners for licence tags and fines. None of that money came back to support the only off leash park in a town of 53,000 people, 7,000 dogs. The fence is cow fence and is covered in sharp wires, ready to rip flesh, the large holes let small dogs escape into traffic. The ground cover is illegally dumped coarse wood chunks from a 2013 ice storm, not proper recycled mulch. There is no water supply or light at night. There is not even a SIGN at the road to guide people in. The parking lot is muddy. It is dangerous for dogs, but we have NO OTHER CHOICE.