Reform the City of Tulsa's Animal protocol now.

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The City of Tulsa has habitually neglected its duty to manage the domestic animal population in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

#1 They refuse to enforce existing ordinances controlling the spay and neuter of pets, which is at the heart of the overpopulation issue.

#2  They continue to operate a dysfunctional, high-kill shelter, without accountability or competent oversight.

#3  Documented cases of animal abuse are allowed to go unpunished. 

When questioned, the response is always another excuse, or the creation of a committee, or the suggestion of yet another "study" but never action.

After a tragic series of incidents involving the Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter, the bureaucratic response from the City and their obvious reluctance to act, we demand immediate accountability and change.

1. Spay and Neuter ordinances must be enforced.  Working in Neighborhoods inspectors and TAW ACOs should be immediately equipped to issue warnings and then citations to violators.

2. Current management of Tulsa Animal Welfare should be replaced with competent, professional directors. 

3. Accountability should be monitored by an independent committee, as both the City and TAW personnel have proven themselves untrustworthy.

4. Abuse cases must be dealt with by TAW, TPD and the District Attorneys office. Uncooperative links in that chain should be spotlighted.

Many of these changes can be instituted immediately.

Tulsa can and should do better.