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Mayor Frank G Jackson and the City of Cleveland, OH Hire an adoption/rescue coordinator for Cleveland Animal Control kennel


It will prevent the needless deaths of adoptable dogs twice a week. The volunteers there are now trying desperately to save these dogs in between their jobs, families and lifes obligations. There is a 5 million dollar budget for a new facility which also includes a veterinarian and adoption coordinator. If the dogs are not spayed/neutered, each one needs to have a foster, rescue and pledges of over $100 to save their life in a weeks time. And, at times this may mean up to 11 to 18 dogs a week. Every dogs life depends on the time a volunteer has to give. The kennel has it in their budget to hire a coordinator and needs one ASAP. If a resident veterinarian is there to sterilize and vaccinate them, they can be adopted outright to the public without needing to screen for foster homes and rescues.  This is alot to expect from people who volunteer there.  The volunteers are at the kennel every minute they can to take the dogs out of the cages and for walks and fresh air, bath them, feed, water and spend time with them in this stressful environment.  They are there for scheduled meet and greets, transport sick and injured animals to the vet, and care for the ones needing medical care. The dogs are euthanized twice a week and only have about 7 days to screen fosters, schedule meet and greets, screen rescues and keep track of pledges all coordinated by people who are only volunteering their time. A full-time coordinator is needed for this enormous responsibility which is literally a matter of life and death to these poor animals. There is also a peripheral group of thousands of people and rescues (reaching all over the united states) who are online sharing and pleading to save these lives daily. A full-time coordinator is desperately needed to save the lives of these awesome dogs. The new larger facility with more space, a veterinarian and coordinator is needed urgently to prevent the unnecessary deaths of the unfortunate dogs that have ended up here through neglect, abandonment and abuse of their owners. The present facility is not adequate and almost every dog entering it for the week they have ends up with a highly contagious viral kennel cough. Please step up the construction of the new facility and at the very least, hire an adoption coordinator now to save lives.

This petition is being signed and circulated by the people who are all working on saving these dogs accross the country.  We all need a coordinator to work with and communicate with to arrange rescue and sometime transport to rescues in other states.  We are all awaiting your positive actions to help alleviate this problem.

Letter to
Ward 3 Councilman Joe Cimperman
Mayor of Cleveland, OH Mayor Frank G Jackson
Hire an adoption/rescue coordinator for Cleveland Animal Control kennel, There is a Monday and Thursday euthanasia list every week. Every dog there has only 7 days to find an acceptable rescue, screened foster and pledges of at least $100 to keep from being euthanised. This means, in addition to all the other things they do at the kennel, volunteers have to spend countless hours checking gmails and screening rescues, trying to align foster requests with rescues, scheduling and performing meet and greets with potential fosters, keeping track of pledges, etc on every one of these dogs in order to save each life. This is very easily a full time job if not more. At times this can be up to 18 dogs in one week. This is all done only by volunteers at this time. They are people with full time jobs, families and lives. This is a monumental task and is literally a matter of life and death to these poor unfortunate dogs who end up here. There is a 5 million dollar budget for the construction of a new facility which would have more space, have a veterinarian( to neuter/spay the dogs so they could be adopted to private parties instead of the long process necessary to save a dog now) and an adoption coordinator.
Please investigate what the delay is with the construction of the new facility. At the very very least, hire an adoption/rescue coordinator to save these lives. People all over the country have eyes on the Cleveland Animal Control Kennel on a daily basis trying to save these dogs It does not make sense that there is no coordinator as there is at other facilities. This is a full time position that is a very integral part of saving the lives of the most sweetest appreciative dogs you will ever meet.
Please, hire a full time coordinator.
Thousands of people around the country are eagerly waiting for your swift resolve of this problem.
Thank you very much for your time and caring about the suffering of the voiceless animals of the city.

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