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We, the undersigned, are unhappy with the current Rowena Avenue “Road Diet” configuration, which changed this thoroughfare from four lanes to two lanes.

A) The ramifications of creating this road diet were NOT considered beforehand. No thought was given to the impact on surrounding residential streets, and consequently no potential mitigations were even deliberated. Once this road diet was implemented, thousands of vehicles now migrate—daily—to surrounding residential streets to bypass the backed-up traffic on Rowena and Hyperion. Rush hours are the worst, but these surrounding streets now experience higher volumes of traffic at all times.

B) This cut-through traffic on our residential streets is a severe danger to residents, especially families with children that live on them. The cut-through traffic regularly speeds down our once-quiet streets, and runs our stop signs—many at full speed without even slowing. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that many of these streets have no sidewalks. The inherent dangers that existed on a main thoroughfare (Rowena) have been shifted to the surrounding residential streets, and it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed.

C) More than three years ago, then-Councilman Tom LaBonge held a public safety meeting in Silver Lake, which an estimated 100+ people attended. At the meeting, many ideas were voiced to make Rowena safer—something everyone was in agreement with. None of the ideas included a road diet. After that meeting, residents compiled a list of ideas, which were submitted to Mr. LaBonge. In the end, they were ALL discarded by Mr. LaBonge. Curb bump-outs or extensions? Thrown out. Better lighting? Thrown out. Additional crosswalks? Thrown out. And so on.

D) This road diet was then implemented without community input or discussion. It was suddenly sprung on the community by Mr. LaBonge and DOT, announced at one of DWP’s quarterly meetings in Silver Lake—a meeting that was scheduled ONLY as an update on the RSC Pipeline Construction. There was NO notice to the community or community leaders—and NO notification that this major decision (that would severely impact the community) was to be tagged onto DWP’s meeting. Consequently, virtually no one in the community knew the road diet was being implemented and could not weigh in.

E) A review meeting was then conducted by Mr. LaBonge three months later, but it was held in the middle of a workday when most residents could not attend. Furthermore, most of the community (again) were not informed about the meeting. Despite this lack of notification, more than 50% of attendees were not in favor of continuing the road diet.

We request that the appropriate agencies of the City of Los Angeles immediately offer alternative solutions to the community. We have put up with the effects of this road diet for over six years. Enough is enough. Even people working within Los Angeles City Government know this hasn’t been good, as evidenced recently by Board of Public Works Commissioner Matt Szabo publicly calling the Rowena Road Diet a “Disaster.”

Additionally, the environmental review over the City’s Mobility Plan 2035 specifically warns of “significant consequences” from road diets, “including an increase in cut-through traffic on residential streets and a doubling in the number of highly congested major street segments.” (Los Angeles Times – August 16, 2015)

We need a solution now. Whether this is a complete reversal of the road diet, a partial reversal of the road diet, or measures to stop cut-through traffic on residential streets, this community needs relief from the enormous and egregious cut-through traffic that is wreaking havoc on our once-safe and livable residential streets.



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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!