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Move Light Rail West of 15th Ave. W and Build a Tunnel to Ballard

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This year Sound Transit is planning the route of the Downtown to Ballard Light Rail line starting today. Many people in our community definitely want the Light Rail line but in a way that fits our community. The first round of comments is due March 5th. Please sign the petition and e-mail the elected officials below.

This is our chance to weigh in on the biggest transportation project in our community!

The neighborhood group, The Coalition for Magnolia, Queen Anne and Interbay Neighborhoods is sponsoring the petition, check us out at -


Q:  Hasn’t the downtown to Ballard line already been selected and nothing can be done to change the route or the stations?
A:  No! Sound Transit is now in their Alternatives Development phase and Sound Transit says: “Alternatives development is a particularly important time to engage because it is during this phase that route, station locations, and ultimately the preferred alternative and other alternatives to study during the environmental review process will be identified.“ 

We can still work together to create a route that benefits our community. 

Q: Why do you want to move the line west of 15th Ave. W?
A:  There are a few reasons:

  • 15th Ave. W is a city designated Major Freight Route for our Industrial and Marine companies, and it handles around twice as much traffic as MLK Way. 
  • Interbay is growing quickly and Expedia will be moving their headquarters to Smith Cove soon so 15th Ave. W will experience even more traffic. 
  • Construction impacts and lane closures could impact businesses along 15th Ave. W
  • Rapid Ride is already a great transit option on 15th Ave. W and future lane closures could impact its service.

Q:  Why do you want a tunnel to Ballard?
A:  We should build infrastructure that is ready for the future. A 70 foot tall movable bridge (drawbridge) that is currently planned is not a reliable choice. The continual opening and closing of the bridge will slow the light rail system down and lengthen the travel time from Ballard to downtown. Also, an underground station in Ballard can be easily expanded north and east to future stations in the system.

 Q:  But what about the cost, aren’t these more expensive?A:  We would like Sound Transit to fully research the cost of these ideas and keep in mind such things as:

  • Impacts to businesses and freight mobility along 15th Ave. W
  • Potentially available Port of Seattle land west of 15th Ave. W
  • Operational costs of a system with a moving drawbridge including cost and schedule impacts when drawbridge parts break
  • Future expandability of system north and east of Ballard station

Q:  What should I do if I want to comment on the route of the line?

A:  Send an e-mail by March 5th to Sound Transit -

And send e-mails to the Mayor, City Council, the Sound Transit Board and Port Commissioner:

For more information check out:


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