Clean-up the Cedar Mills toxic waste site in Lynn Valley

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The Lynn River and Canyon are an idyllic site and the cool of the river lures 1000 of tourists into the cool waters during the summer. In matter of fact, the Lynn Headwaters park has put in access points to make it even easier for people to have a swim in it.  There is not one sign alerting anyone to the hidden danger in the water.

What visitors are not being told is that the old industrial site now charmingly called “Cedar Mills” still has a dark side that was never cleaned up! Since the site is 2 km up the trail and just next to the river the toxic mess spills right into the stream without any barriers or dams to hold it back. It just seems like it was conveniently forgotten.

This also explains why there are no fish in Lynn Creek or why the drinking water collection site for Lynn Valley was abandoned by the District!  So lets clean up the "Cedar Mills" toxic waste site and rehabilitate Lynn River so that salmon can span there again!

I am upset, because there was no sign or warning about the danger and possible toxic effects on people, while swimming in the river. This may seem a little bit overreacting, but we do not know what is in the water and how it is going to affect the health of the children swimming in it. We have been swimming there for over 10 years and the negative health aspects could have been avoided if there was a warning sign alerting people to limit the exposure to the toxins in the river.

Let's clean up the "Cedar Mills" toxic waste site or close the area to the public to make sure our children are save!