Have a day off public schools for Orthodox religious holiday “Little Christmas”,January 7.

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Every year on January 7, several Orthodox public school students do not have the luxury of having a day off to celebrate their Christmas, also known as “Little Christmas”, with their friends and families.

Even if they are given an excused absence, they still have to deal with making up any class work, homework, and any other types of exams given on that day. Additionally if there is school, students may not be able to celebrate after going home. This is due to the fact that several students may have homework to complete or tests being administered the next day to study for, leaving no time to celebrate the holiday with their families.

This is unfair to families who just want to celebrate this special time of the year, but can't due to the academics of the students. This can all be avoided if public schools gave the day off, so students can focus on their families, friends, and their holiday.

Furthermore, they can set aside a certain time to finish any homework or studying without any stress or concern for their academics. Several other religions get days off for their own holidays in which their celebration is respected and honored. “Little Christmas” should be respected just as much. Orthodox religion doesn’t have any other days off for any holiday. So, the request for January 7 to be taken off shouldn’t seem excessive but instead just and right.