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Amend Columbia,Tn. City ordinance to ban sales of commercially bred pets in pet stores.

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We, the undersigned, request that the city ordinance for Columbia,Tn. be amended to include the ban of retail sales of commercially bred companion animals - including dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, ferrets, rabbits/bunnies, ducks, exotic animals -including foxes, Bobcats, and monkeys in city pet stores unless those animals are obtained from an animal shelter, humane society, or a local 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization. 

Many animals sold in retail stores come from Mills (large commercial breeders). Sadly, some are licensed by the USDA, although many are not licensed at all. Please take a look at the link to discover just how horrible even USDA approved kennels can be.

Mill and commercially bred animals are not required to be spayed or neutered, which adds to the shelter pet overpopulation problem and the needless killing of healthy animals every day. In this country alone it is estimated that between 40 and 55% of animals in shelters will be euthanized each year.  On average, there are over 300 listed dogs and over 200 listed cats on everyday within a 25 mile radius of our zip code 38401, that are in need of a home and are currently in shelters, rescues, and foster homes. 

 Reputable breeders DO NOT sell to retail stores. Reputable breeders do not keep their animals in cages for their entire lives or over breed because it is not about money for them, it's about preserving the breed standards and the general love of the breed-not greed. The parents of animals sold In retail pet stores are left in horrific conditions and bred to death- never knowing the feeling of grass  under their feet, toys to play with, a soft place to sleep, or even a gentle touch. 


As of August 2017, across the United States, over 200 cities have already banned the sale of commercially bred pets in pet stores. California is about to become the first state to have a state wide ban. Tenessee currently does not have any cities with the proposed ban. Columbia could be the gateway to a ban in Maury County. Should this ban occur, Columbia will be sending a powerful message to the county, the state,  and the entire country that we care about animal rights and the humane treatment of all animals. The senseless suffering of animals for the greed of human beings needs to stop.

For more information about this petition or to learn more about pet mills, please visit our Facebook page Columbia,Tn Petition To Ban Pet Mills & Stores. 




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