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Warden Suares was wrongfully removed from her Title of Warden at the Manhattan Detention Complex after being set up to fail and not being provided with the proper tools to succeed in a jail riddled by turmoil.

On Friday June 12,2020 Warden Bibi Ogburn-Suares a 20 Year Veteran with The New York City Department Corrections who had just met her one year anniversary of her well deserved promotion to Warden and just 6 months shy of her retirement was transferred against her will to Headquarters. We have witnessed this department do so many good people wrong. This must STOP NOW. Warden Suares has helped so many people, even the ones at the top in this department during her tenure from creating directives, departmental incentives and even the Adolescent Response Team and has never been acknowledged for her many contributions. Warden Suares is a phenomenal leader who goes above and beyond for her colleagues and staff. If you feel she deserves to be reinstated and the departments actions were unjust, please sign this petition. We Want the Mayor called in on this one to provide us with an answer. TODAY HER TOMORROW YOU!