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Pit bulls all over the world are the target of breed specific discrimination. Even with laws being firmer on the Pit Bull breed the number of overall dog attacks has not diminished in numbers. Pit Bulls are no more prone to aggression than other dog breeds. They are being taken to into shelters or simply euthanized just because of their breed!  The American Kennel club has labelled Pit Bulls as the ‘nanny dog’, encouraging families to adopt one. The American Canine Temperament Testing Society rated Pit Bulls with a pass rate of 83.9%. That’s the 4th highest score out of 122 breeds. 

Not all dogs like cats. Two dogs, Ace (Pit Bull) & Puckett (Pit Bull x), were deemed dangerous after an incident earlier in their lives. 

Rebecca Jones, owner of the dogs, has had problems renting a property that allows Pit Bulls. Being a loving pet owner, Rebecca did not want to be separated from her dogs, so while in search of a property, she lived with her parents. The Maryland enacted legislation has not helped Rebecca’s situation as it has made landlords responsible for the actions of their tenants pets and hence made it harder for any owner with pets, especially Pit Bulls, to find somewhere to live.

On 28th August 2015, while Rebecca was at work, Ace managed to escape to the neighbour’s house. It is believed a stray cat was in the neighbour’s garden at the time. When Ace attempted to chase and catch the cat, the neighbour intervened and in the process Ace accidently bit her.

Animal control were called and both dogs were quarantined for 10 days.  They were taken to Saratoga County Animal Shelter (NY). Neither Rebecca nor Michelle were permitted to see the dogs the entire time. Rebecca contacted an attorney, Mr Schopf. Although he was not officially appointed, he advised Rebecca on how to have the dogs released. They are awaiting a court hearing, but one possible outcome is the dogs being deemed ‘vicious’ and being euthanized.  

While in the shelter, Puckett was showing signs of being anxious and nervous, and Rebecca was informed by the Vet technician. The shelter staff were very insensitive and uncooperative; they would not return Rebecca’s calls when she raised concerns about her dog’s wellbeing.

Rebecca had recently moved, and the rabies vaccinations were out of date by just 2 weeks and they had not transferred licences to the Saratoga County. It doesn’t mean that she is a neglectful owner. How often have all of us forgotten to do something and then regret not doing it in time. This situation is no different.

Ace and Puckett are her family and she would be lost without them. She has always put her them first. The dogs are well socialised and have always been cared for.

After being returned to their family, both dogs have been fearful and anxious of many things. Michelle, Rebecca’s sister, has had the dogs for a few days since their release and has to work hard to make them feel safe and secure.

These dogs are not dangerous. They love their entire human family and have never been aggressive towards them or any other humans.  Rebecca has even found a home where they can all live together again.

If Rebecca’s dogs are taken away it is her, her family and the dogs that are punished for having and being the wrong breed. Our Governments do nothing to help.

Everyone who owns a Pit Bull will tell you how they love to soak up positive attention and are quick to give big slobbery kisses and are one of the most loyal dogs to have as a member of family.

Pit Bulls make up 6% of the dog population. Yet the media and human stereotypes still feel the need to discriminate against these loving dogs. 


Ace & Puckett need your support. They need your voice.

Please help save Ace and Puckett.

We, at Worldwide Animal Defenders, support them. Will you?

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