Make Water and Duckworth Streets into Pedestrian Streets

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I propose that for the summer months, we turn Water and Duckworth Streets between Waldegrave and Hill O' Chips, into a pedestrian walkway.

I still remember the year they tried turning Water Street onto a pedestrian street and everyone was delighted...and then shocked that it wasn't renewed the following year! I saw how they did it in Copenhagen and at night the streets were packed with people walking around, checking out the local shops and having lots of fun!!!

It would be a great way to help with social distancing this summer, will increase sales for local businesses and will help with a bit of physical fitness. It should go from 1pm to 2am to allow businesses to get ready in the morning for the afternoon.

People in cars and on motorcycles don't patronize shops...walkers do!!!
Spread the Word and call the Mayor!!!

Let's get walking and shopping!!! Let's support the Downtown!!!

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