Ban Fur in Kingston Ontario

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Save animals! Ban the sale & manufacture of fur in Kingston Ontario!

Los Angeles just followed San Francisco to become the largest city in the United States to ban the sale and manufacture of fur within the city. The unanimous city council vote set a historic precedent for other cities to go fur-free. It's time for the City of Kingston to follow suit.

The fur trade is a brutal industry where millions of animals such as foxes, minks, rabbits, dogs, cats, raccoons, and chinchilla’s are killed every year. Most of these animals are raised on fur farms, where they are kept in cages, barely bigger than their bodies and confined to a life of misery. They live through intense stress and engage in psychotic behaviors like repetitive pacing, self-mutilation and cannibalism.

They endure this life only to be killed in some of the most inhumane ways - electrocuted and stunned, some still alive as they are being skinned. They are submitted to this suffering solely for the sake of their fur.

The ban would prohibit the sale and manufacture of products such as shoes, handbags, clothing, or trinkets that are made in whole or in part of fur, with an exemption for used fur products within the City of Kingston.

This measure is life changing, and seeks to set an example of compassion for the rest of the country and the world to follow. Today there are countless varieties of fabric and fur alternatives. There is no need for this brutal industry, and Kingston should not support this cruelty.

That is why we are urging all members of the Kingston City Council to pass this important measure that would change the future of fur products and save countless animals.

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