Keep our Pups Home- Overturn Chapter 24 Section 6 in Smyrna, GA

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So many of us love our dogs, as they are an extension of our family. They complete our household.

Smyrna is one of the few cities, Cobb County, GA, to add a limit on the number of dogs allowed in a household. 

Cobb County has no restriction; however, Smyrna does.

This prevents people from fostering or adopting dogs in Smyrna, GA which is also so close to many rescue organizations. It also puts current families with more than two dogs at risk if their lot is not larger than 20,000 square feet. 

The current ordinance does not take the quality of life provided, size of dogs, or anything else into consideration other than the size of the land lot.

For example, an apartment can have two sixty pound dogs,  but a house on 13,000 square feet cannot have three chihuahas. 

According to Chapter 46 Section 6

Sec. 46-6. - Limit on number of dogs allowed.

The keeping of dogs shall be allowed as an accessory use on any lot, provided such dogs are for personal use and enjoyment and not for commercial purposes.


The number of dogs permitted shall be in accordance with the following schedule, except that, in determining the number of dogs allowed, only those dogs six months or older in age shall be counted.

Number of Dogs &Minimum Lot Size
1 to 2 No requirement
3 20,000 square feet
4 30,000 square feet
5 or more 40,000 square feet, plus 10,000 square feet for each additional dog above five

This limitation shall not apply to veterinary clinics, licensed animal shelters, pet shops or grooming establishments.

(Ord. No. 2006-15, 7-17-06)

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