IT'S OUR WATER! Village Council – DELAY YOUR VOTE on Facebook Expansion!

IT'S OUR WATER! Village Council – DELAY YOUR VOTE on Facebook Expansion!

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Deirdra Velasquez started this petition to Mayor Charles Griego and

The Village of Los Lunas has allowed two HUGE corporate water guzzlers to build in Village property -- Niagara Water Bottling, LLC and Facebook (huge consumer of water to cool their Data Center buildings).

Niagara came before the Village Council this year to request Council approval to more than double the amount of OUR WATER that they are sucking out of OUR AQUIFER (which sustains all the people in Valencia county and surrounding counties that also draw from the same basin).

The residents of Valencia County protested and circulated a petition to STOP this taking of OUR WATER, and then Niagara withdrew their request. (But, for how long? We don’t know.)

Facebook (aka “Greater Kudu, LLC”) is now asking the Village to approve a total of $40 BILLION in IRBs (Industrial Revenue Bonds) to fund their expansion. Specifically, at their March 11 council meeting, the Village Council is planning to consider (that is, to hear and vote on) ORDINANCE 455, which is a request to authorize:

“the issuance and sale of New Mexico Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds for the benefit of … Greater KUDU LLC

in up to SIX series in a principal amount not to exceed

six billion, six hundred sixty million, six hundred sixty-six thousand, six hundred sixty-seven dollars ($6,666,666,667) EACH

providing that the bonds will be used for the purpose of inducing the company to expand its data center campus and related and similar facilities within the Village limits.”

Facebook currently has six buildings at its Los Lunas Data Center campus and they are seeking authorization of bonds for six more Data Center buildings. EACH of these Data Center buildings uses huge amounts of OUR WATER to cool the banks of computers in the building. (We are requesting exact numbers about how much water each building uses.)

We, the community of Valencia County, along with people from surrounding counties who rely on water from the same aquifer for our livelihoods and our survival, are hugely concerned about this proposal.

We believe that there are TOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS about how much of OUR WATER Facebook will be taking from OUR AQUIFER after these buildings are constructed and ready to become operational.

We have not seen complete and accurate information about the amount of water that each Facebook Data Center building uses for cooling, whether they are recycling the water as originally promised, nor how much water they are dumping into the wastewater system.

We think the Village Council must perform much more due diligence and GET ANSWERS TO THESE AND MANY MORE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS about how the Facebook Data Center buildings will impact OUR WATER – and the Los Lunas wastewater treatment system – BEFORE they can move forward with any kind of decision to approve bonds to fund the construction of six more Facebook Data Center buildings.

The Village Council MUST DELAY THE VOTE on Ordinance 455 until ALL QUESTIONS have been completely and satisfactorily answered.

This type of decision, which impacts ALL the people of Valencia County and other communities that rely on the Middle Rio Grande Basin aquifer (OUR WATER), cannot be made in darkness.

Such decisions cannot be made without considering ALL the impacts on ALL people in the communities surrounding the Village of Los Lunas.

Sign this petition and send a letter to the Village of Los Lunas Council and tell them to DELAY THE VOTE on Ordinance 455. March 11th, 2021, is too soon to make this decision, because there is not enough information, and there has not been enough transparency.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!