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Mayor Castro (City of San Antonio) and other government officials: Advertise the Brooks facility to the public or find a more appropriate place to house animals that welcomes visitors.

These are living creatures being murdered by the hundreds b/c they are not seen by the public.  The only way for animals to find homes is to market them and to have them present at adoption events across the city.  By locking them up in this extremely stealth building, you are sentencing them to die without ever getting a chance to be adopted.    The fact that this exists in the state of Texas is not only appalling, it is simply wrong.  For a city that considers itself "progressive" shame on you Mayor Castro.  We need the SA government officials to take action here.  It is our understanding that the current "lease" does not allow visitors.  Time to change the current set up b/c murdering animals without giving them a shot at life is not only terrible, it's beyond inhumane.  This is being circulated widely in the state of Texas and the broader United States.  We will hold you accountable and will get louder and louder until you make some changes. @brooksbabies1

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